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2019 | Lipstick  going “Down under”

Having driven through 5 of the bigger continents on earth it was just a matter of time for Team Lipstick to complete their world tour and explore the smallest of the 6 continents -AUSTRALIA. Read More..


2017 | Lipstick doing Americas 2017/18

–PART 1–

From New York to Alaska to Los Angeles

Having completed the Silkroad from China to Europe , going North and South on the African continent it seem only logical that the Americas should become the next adventure for team Lipstick.
Lipstick was shipped out to New York in July 2017 from where Andre and Willy will join the well traveled Landcruiser and go on tour through Canada and up to Alaska before turning South again until they reach the bottom end of South America and then finally ship the car back to South Africa from Argentine or Brazil.



–PART 2–

South to Chile & North to Brazil

The second leg will then take team Lipstick South via Mexico , Columbia ,Venezuela ,Peru ,Bolivia and Chile before turning North again to Argentine and Brazil .



From China to Germany – A journey along the Silk Road

Expedition Intro – The travel bug has bitten Team Lipstick again and after having completed a route going North in 2011 and a route going South in 2014 they decided this time to go West.
Inspired by Marco Polo the great adventurer who traveled from Europe to Asia -dating 1271 to 1295-it was decided to follow his footsteps on this journey which is known as the Silk Road.


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From Germany to East London(West of Africa)

Expedition Intro – 3 years have passed since team Lipstick went up north along the East Coast of Africa through Europe to Germany. During our return to East London the idea to complete the return trip from Europe down south along the west coast of Africa was born.


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From East London to Germany(East of Africa)

Expedition Intro – A trip through Africa…. Ever since Willy Gauss arrived by plane in 1974 in South Africa it was his dream to one day drive back through Africa by car.


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