Esperance to Hyden


One of the many Landmarks around this area in Western Australia are the ‘Wave Rocks” in Hyden. And the boys proceeded to drive through some 350km of wheat farms to the left and right of the roads and often this area is referred to as the “Wheat Belt” of Western Australia with huge wheat silos along the road…


Wheat silos in many shapes and often nicely painted…


Wave Rock


Wave Rock is a natural rock formation that is shaped like a tall breaking ocean wave. The “wave” is about 15 m high and around 110 m long. It forms the north side of a solitary hill, which is known as “Hyden Rock”.


The boys pretending to surf the wave rock …..


bush flies


All over Australia flies are a real pain they are known as bush flies (Because they originate from the bushes/ the outbacks) and they are abundant in spring – summer season due to favourable breeding conditions. Good news is that they do not bite, they just love sitting on your skin for feeding upon protein and sweat


The town of Hyden is located 292 kilometres east-southeast of Perth, Western Australia in the Shire of Kondinin. Hyden is home to Wave Rock, Mulka’s Cave and Hippos Yawn, all popular local tourist attractions. The total population of Hyden is about 300 people all living of wheat farming and the tourists which visit wave rock.




Besides the “wave Rock” the other major highlight of the day was watching the rugby world cup final which South Africa won against England.


South Africa World Cup Rugby Champion 2019




























Day 38 – 2nd November 2019 – Esperance to Hyden