A great drive was waiting for the guys today as they started their drive down along Chile’s pacific coast line.


Although the landscape showed mountains on the left and the Pacific on the right there were quite a few smallish villages along the way before hitting a nice highway after climbing a few hundred meters into the Andean mountains and be in the middle of the southern parts of the Atacama Desert.


The road down south in Chile – on a sandy patch between Water and mountain


Two happy boys – enjoying the coast line in Northern Chile


The highway through the lower Andean mountains and the southern Atacama looked as dry as the northern desert with mountain ranges on either side of the road and the boys joked and were happy that this area saved them a trip to Mars as it would look the same up there.


No sign of live or plants could be seen along the road through Mars


Mountains, stones and sand and no water in sight

After driving through this harsh countryside for about 3 hours they were descending down to the Pacific coast again where the landscape became a little bit more habitable.


Quite thirsty and with great respect of the Atacama Desert the boys arrived in the coastal town of La Serena
Day 39 – 23nd February – Antofagasta to La Serena