Today the boys decidedto give it a big push right through to Sao Paolo rather than to Curitiba like originally planned. They wanted to gain some extra time in case of problems
with the shipping agent and the potential need for alternatives.




Another beautiful stretch of road along the Ocean before heading inland after Joinville
Towards Curitiba which the boys bypassed and stayed on the highway to Sao Paolo.


Really nice sceneries along the road some 200 km after Torres


Andre getting ready to change from Passenger to driver’s seat


Long before Sao Paolo the traffic got more tense with lots of trucks and buses overtaking each other and soon it started to rain which makes the driving just a bit more difficult.

This was the first time the boys were driving in heavy rain since leaving Los Angeles as the sun was shining with blue skies for the last 19000km since starting the trip.


Dark Clouds were zooming in on the road to Sao Paulo


The boys were however arriving safely in Sao Paulo and instead of entering the central city under these weather conditions they booked into an airport hotel which was close to the highway coming into Sao Paulo.


São Paulo is considered the most multicultural city in Brazil. Since 1870 to 2010, approximately 2.3 million immigrants arrived in the state, from all parts of the world.


The Italian community is one of the strongest, with a presence throughout the city. Of the ten million inhabitants of São Paulo, 60% (six million people) have full or partial Italian ancestry.
São Paulo has more descendants of Italians than any other Italian city (the largest city of Italy is Rome, with 2.5 million inhabitants).


Even today, Italians are grouped in neighbourhoods like Bixiga, Bras and Mooca to promote celebrations and festivals. In the early twentieth century, the Italian and the dialects were spoken as much as the Portuguese in the city, which influenced the formation of the São Paulo dialect of today.
Six thousand pizzerias are producing about a million pizzas a day.

Day 50 – 6th March – Torres to Sao Paolo