Only a short drive today for Team Lipstick as the next stop is only some 180km away in the coastal Town of San Bernardo.


The roads were very good and often straight for over 20km reminding the boys of Namibia where equally long straight roads are very common


San Bernardo


San Bernardo is a typical tourist town with endless beaches being a big attraction to the folks of nearby Buenos Aires for spending their holidays or long weekends away from the

Big city vibes.The whole town was started by some property developpers and is relatively young.


Founded by a partnership of ten investors led by Juan Carlos Chiozza, San Bernardo  originated with the 1942 purchase of 191 hectares (480 acres) along the Atlantic shore from the San Bernardo ranch, one of the Duhau family’s many properties in Buenos Aires Province.


The land was subdivided into parcels, and installations for an incipient town center were added by the developers. The governor, Dr. Rodolfo Moreno, authorized the town’s establishment on April 3, 1943, and the new town was christened by its developers in a 1944 ceremony.


The largely self-sufficient settlement initially grew with investments from both the developer and its residents, who pooled resources and established local electric and telephone cooperatives. Closely linked to Mar de Ajó, San Bernardo slowly grew as a tourist destination, and one of five piers in the district was built along its shores



A relaxing afternoon was had by the guys strolling through the many shops and pubs and of course the long beach scenes.


Senor Andre and the Beach in San Bernardo



Day 45 – 1st March – Mar del Plate to San Bernardo