A really early start today as the boys had a long stretch ahead of them so they were on the road from Billabong to Port Hedland by 6am and experienced sunrise over the horizon on the eastern side of the road.


Good morning Australia – Team Lipstick had an early start


Again, it was a very repetitive landscape with only a few villages and limited fuel stations along the way


Nothing around Lipstick and its Team – other than a huge Australian Landscape


A long stretch of road ahead of the boys today…


Willy found a sign stuck behind a traffic sign

It is quiet nice here – but

Have you ever been in Baden Wuerttemberg?

(Baden Wuerttemberg is Willy’s home province in Germany 😉


Arriving in Carnarvon Andre and Willy decided to now rig up the spare Diesel tanks which they bought in Perth before picking up Lipstick and so they stopped for coffee and mounted the 2 tanks on Lipsticks roof ready to be filled at the next fuel station.


Andre having coffee and a biscuitbefore mounting the yellow spare tanks on Lipstick’s roof


Having seen the sunrise early in the morning the boys were glad to arrive in Port Hedland by sunset…


Sun setting down in Port Hedland


The evening was spending with a few sundowners and the boys met a german couple – Rainer and Andrea- from Ludwigshafen in Germany – who were on their way from Broome to Perth being the opposite direction to Team Lipstick’s route.


Some nice information was exchanged about the roads ahead…




Day 8 – 3rd October 2019 – Billabong to Port Hedland

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