Western Australia towards the Northern Territory

The highlight of today’s trip was the crossing from the province of Western Australia into The “Northern Territory”   and this was not due to the time change  ( the boys had to move their watches 1.5 hours forward ) but to the fact that in the Northern Territories the speed limit is 130km/h.


This of course made a huge difference to the time this 800km trip would take and the beautiful and long straight road made the trip easy and comfortable compared to the Gibb road the Day before .


Empty Roads allowing an (official) speed of 130km-h


The landscape to the left and right of the road does not change and looks like semi-desert for most of the trip today


Katherine is a town in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is situated on the Katherine River (after which it is named) below the “Top End“, 320 kilometres southeast of Darwin. It is the fourth largest settlement in the Territory and is known as the place where “The outback meets the tropics”.


After Passing through Katherine Team Lipstick hit the “The Track”


Stuart Highway is one of Australia‘s major highways. It runs from Darwin, Northern Territory, in the north, via Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, to Port Augusta, South Australia, in the south – a distance of 2,834 km .

Its northern and southern extremities are segments of Australia’s Highway 1. The principal north-south route through the central interior of mainland Australia, the highway is often referred to simply as “The Track”.

The highway is named after Scottish explorer John McDouall Stuart, who was the first European to cross Australia from south to north.The highway approximates the route Stuart took


The Track


It was a very nice drive today and after having checked into one of the motels in Darwin the boys made it to Mitchell Street in Darwin where a variety of restaurants are lined up next to each other ..


A view of Mitchel Street in Darwin..


The boys have learned by now that in most Pubs in Australia you order your food at the counter and pay whereafter  you will get a “Table Number”  and a waitress will bring you whatever food you have ordered .


Some restaurants off a “buzzer”  which you take with to your table and when it lights up and vibrates then you know you can fetch your food from the kitchen counter…


After a nice meal the boys made it back to their motel for a good nights rest.




Day 11 – 6th October 2019 – Kununurrato to Darwin  

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