We left early morning from our self-decorated camping lodge after showering by throwing buckets of water at each other.
In Mocuba we filled up with petrol and changed money at the local bank. This was a pretty fast process as it took only 45 minutes to find out what the exchange rate between Euro and Meticals would be. The main branch in Beira had to be phoned as all computers were down.
About 15 km out of town we hit a terrible gravel road which lasted for about 28 km – It was quiet a mission to overtake trucks due to the dust clouds they create behind them.

We got lost in Nampula as we were searching for the campsite some 15 km north of Nampula where in fact this was situated 15km West of Nampula. With the assistance of a local police officer team Lipstick – being ahead of the pack- was able to redirect the rest of the teams to the right spot.

This camping site is nestled between some great mountains and run by the Portuguese couple Maria and Manuel Ferreira and is called Complexo Turistico Montes Nairucu – they charge the acceptable rate of 4 Euros per person per night for camping.

The local workers assured the team that mosquitos were non existing in this part of Africa and Andre and Willy decided that they should sleep under the stars by putting their stretchers next to Lipstick.

Out came the steaks and a fire was started with Beer and Wine in great supply before going to rest.

Team Ivory spotted Hyenas at about 4pm and all were convinced that it must have been Andre’s deeply convincing snore alarm that kept these creatures away. Mosquitos by the way do not seem to be scared by Andre’s roaring midnight snore and Rene counted 67 bites on Willy’s back the next morning.

Day 8- Elao’s village outside Nampula
Day 8-Team Lipstick’s star covered overnight rest
Day 8 – Quilamane to Nampula

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