First task of the Day was to get organised with Australian sim and data cards and the boys visited Telstra which was situated 2 blocks down from their hotel and opened up at 9am.


The procedure was fast and simple and, on the way, back to the hotel the boys made contact with Universal Customs Brokers and were told that all custom procedures for Lipstick were done and dusted and that the car can be collected from their warehouse.


Quickly packing the suitcases and checking out of the hotel and Team Lipstick was on the way towards Freemantle and Biba Lake on the South Highway leading out of Perth.


Lipstick was handed over and found to be in perfect condition and the task was now to get the rented car back to the airport, so Willy drove in front whilst Lipstick was steered through heavy traffic behind him by Andre.


Easy hand back at Thrifty’s car rental place in the parking area of Perth’s airport and Team Lipstick could hit the road up North towards Darwin.


Andre and Willy soon realised how huge Australia is as the only biggish town between Perth and the Billabong Roadhouse was Geraldon…


How huge is Australia


For hundreds of km there was just idle land to the left and right side of the street and the boys were lucky to having filled up Lipstick’s 150l tank to full capacity.


Arriving just after Sunset at Billabong Roadhouse they were only able to get some “Trucker’s accommodation” consisting of a small prefab room and bunk beds.


Billabong Roadhouse


Nevertheless, the restaurant at this well-known roadhouse could serve a nice meal and after chatting to some locals the boys had an early rest in order to leave early the next morning


Day 7 – 2nd October 2019 – From Perth to Billabong

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