Before exploring Anchorage the boys decided to give Lipstick a good wash and cleanup.They went to a DIY washstationan and put enough Dollars into the machine to get all the vacuums, foam and rinse equipment going and Lipstick looked rather clean afterwards.


Team Lipstick giving the car a proper wash down

The next stop was the local market where a variety of good were on show and the guys made use of one of the many food stalls to have some breakfast.


From there it was off to watch the local Fisherman catch Salmon in the River running behind the railway station in Anchorage. It was amazing to see a good dozen of them catching fish standing in knee deep water and rather close to each other.


Local Fishreman

Lunchtime came and Andre and Willy proceeded to the famous 49th state brewery to quench some thirst and thereafter drove around town and to the harbour. They enquired from the harbour official whether it would be possible to go on a roro ferry from Anchorage to Vancouver and where told that indeed every Tuesday such a ship would leave and it would take about 3 Days to reach Tacoma in the USA.


3 Days on the boat was not really an option for the boys as this would be about the same time they could drive to Vancouver so this option of going by ferry was dismissed.


Anchorage itself is not really a very big city and after a few drive arounds the boys seemed to know what is where and decided to have a well-earned power nap.


Lipstick parked in Anchorage

Fresh and fit the evening was spent in another craft beer establishment – The Glacier brewery which offered a very nice wheat beer and some typical Alaskan food.


Back at the motel the boys had a Loop dop on the terrace whilst watching the sun going down over the Pacific Ocean. The temperature by that time had dropped to 4 degrees C and the fireplace in the motel lobby was useful to warm up again

Sun going down
Day 10 – 27th August – Anchorage