Thursday was spent sorting out all the export documentations and relaxing around the pool if the hotel Azul with frequent phone calls between the boys and their agent – Gloria Aleman.


In the afternoon, the team drove into the harbour surroundings of Puerto Cortez to do a bank deposit for the vehicle’s insurance during the transit to Columbia . This area of Puerto Cortez is full of one way roads and on the way back they got really lost in this maze of roads with some of them currently being under repair…


The rough roads in Puerto Cortes


and a picture taken on the beach front.


Friday the 26th of January finally saw the request to proceed to the customs department of Honduras accompanied by a non english speaking agent from World Wide Logistics and with having all papers nicely prepared the procedures were very easy with the customs inspector simply requiring a copy of Willy’s passport and the temporary importation form F9 which the boys received at the border between Guatemala and Honduras, He disappeared for a whil with these documents –it is assumed that he did a quick Interpol check to make sure that Lipstick is not on any stolen vehicle list – and then returned to check the Vin Number on the documents with the actual Vin number under Lipstick’s bonnet.


With all of this being in order the boys had to proceed to a container terminal and wait for the empty container into which Lipstick needed to be loaded.


The container was positioned against a concrete ramp which allowed Lipstick level entry into the container and after disconnecting all batteries Lipstick was then tighly secured with wooden blocks under the tyres and strapped against the container walls.


Lipstick is ready to get into the container


and gets securely strapped to the container


Thumbs Up from Andre the container gets locked

After receiving “Thumbs Up” from Andre the container gets locked and sealed with

seal Number G2395778


Bon Voyage Lipstick – the boys will meet you again in Cartagena  – Columbia

Day 10 & 11 – 25/26th January – Puerto Cortes (Honduras)