Team Lipstick took this rest day as an occasion to have the vehicle serviced and the onsite mechanic of Jungle Junction exchanged the oil as well as topping up the hydraulic oil for the steering mechanism

Andre and Willy then headed to town to have the suspension checked by a shock and wheel alignment workshop in the midst of Nairobi.

The extremely friendly workshop manager there quickly pointed out that our roadside engineers in Dar es Salaam obviously forgot the side washers holding the shocks rubber bushes in place. This in turn caused the rubber bush to disintegrate into a lump of rubber which would have soon caused the shock absorber to jump metal on metal.

We had all shocks checked for their functionality and they were found to be in perfect working order and fortunately the rubber bushes were available and properly fitted – this time with all washers in place.

We then treated old Lipstick to a proper car wash at one of the many manual car wash facilities in Nairobi. Some 45 minutes later we left leaving a small mountain of dust and sand behind but thoroughly enjoying the vacuum cleaned cockpit and dashboard.

Thereafter all teams proceeded to the Sudanese embassy to fetch the passports and visas which we applied for the previous day. Paul and Willy as the only Germans were handed over passports and visas nwithout delay whereas their South African colleagues were told to first go to the South African embassy where they need to obtain a confirmation letter from the South African ambassador that their passports are properly issued and not illegally obtained. Apparently it’s is not at all difficult to get a South African passports on the streets of Hillborow and it is for this reason that various countries no insists on checking the legality of South African passports.

So off they headed to the SA embassy only to be told that this facility is only open in the mornings until 13.ooh seemingly in order to make sure that the ambassador is not suffering from fatigue or any stress that a full working day night cause to him.

Back at Jungle Junction we waited for 2 friends of Charles from team 2 wheels who work in Nairobi. The 2 named Dale and Grey fetched us around 5 and first took us to the splendid colonial estate of Karen Blixen a previous coffee queen during the colonial times. Thereafter we went to Dale’s house where we were all entertained to a truly South Africa Braai and many traditional liquids which accompany such an occasion.
Shortly before or after midnight we arrived back at Jungle Junction to sink into much needed sleep……

Total makeover for old Lipstick
Total makeover for old Lipstick


After which we enjoyed a great braai at Dale’s home
Day 20 – Nairobi – Rest day

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  • June 26, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    Wow this old Lipstick in fact is a red one 🙂 André.. hope you being careful with that tool.. how are your toes ?

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