With Lipstick being at high sea from Honduras to Columbia and after having explored Panama the boys decided to fly to San Jose in Costa Rica. San Jose is close by with only about 800km distance between Panama City and the Capital of Costa Rica so a short 1 hour flight would bring them yet to another country in Central America – bridging the time it takes to wait for Lipstick’s arrival in Cartagena Columbia.


With the flight being in the afternoon this gave the boys some chance to hang around the pool in in the morning  and enjoy the pleasant weather with temperatures around 28C.


The flight was short and Team Lipstick landed in San Jose airport around 16.30h and with a shuttle they were driven to a Rent a Car Place  called Solid Cars Nu where they hired a Suzuki Jimmy to get around Costa Rica.


A View of San Jose in Costa Rica from the air


Of course a Suzuki Jimmy is smaller than the baby version of Lipstick and it took the boys sole adjustment to the go-cart like transportation.


Andre is big – but the car is also small


During the hiring process the electricity went off and the contracts had to be completed under torch light before the boys set of to the centre of town with the guidance of Google Map.

Half way to town however the IPhone had no more battery power and the boys had to stop and use a power bank which they carry on them to get some more juice into the phone so that Google Map could continue to guide them.


About an hour later and in total darkness the boys arrived at their chosen Motel downtown San Jose


San Jose – Costa Rica’s capital


San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, sits in the Central Valley region with the Talamanca Mountains to the south and volcanoes to the north. The city is distinguished by its Spanish colonial buildings, like the ornate, neoclassical National Theatre of Costa Rica overlooking downtown’s Plaza de la Cultura, a popular gathering spot. Below the plaza, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum displays hundreds of gleaming artefacts.







Day 15 – 30th January – Panama to Costa Rica (by air)