Not an easy task to get out of Medellin and soon the boys were back again fighting the enormous trucks for first place in the queue.


Autopista out of Medellin made it for easy exit out of this big city


Soon the high raise buildings disappeared in the rear view mirror and the boys found themselve again facing the enormous mountains of the Andes with very steep and curvy narrow roads along the way to Popayan.


In the mountains some 45 km after Medellin.


Team Lipstick’s wish for those mountains to just disappear just did not come through so most of the day was spent on the never-ending winding roads up and down this huge mountain range with the extra task to overtake hundreds of trucks in Columbia – which seemingly have now railway system in this part of the world to transport goods in any other way than by trucks.

It must be mentioned here that the boys underestimated the time it takes to get through these massive mountain ranges – whilst 500km in North America and Mexico was a half day task it became a 10-12 hour ordeal in these southern parts of Columbia.


Whilst this not only takes strain on the boys it also became quite clear that sooner or later Lipstick’s brake pads will be reduced to metal only due to the never-ending brake applications around the curves , behind the trucks and steep declines,


Columbian traffic scene and Lipstick having a rest in southern Columbia


It was after sunset when the guys finally arrived in Popayan , a city with narrow roads and – in sharp contrast to the colourful houses in Columbia – most buildings are painted white only.


Narrow streets and big market place surrounded with white only houses.


Eventually the boys found an old Monastery built in the mid 1500’s which is now turned into a sort of hotel – so they could not resist to sleep in such an old historic place.


Past and present lodgers in this old monastery in Popayan


Fortunately for the boys the monastery also had a small restaurant attached where they could enjoy some traditional Columbian meals and great tasting fermented grape juice.


Cheers to a long drive in Southern Columbia
Day 26 – 10th February – Medellin to Popayan