MachuPicchu can be visited either in the morning or in the afternoon, so after a long drive the day before the boys decided that the afternoon tour would be best and they proceeded to the local railway station round 10.30am to catch the train to MachuPicchu City – the base station of MachuPicchu.


Tickets were bought for the train trip up the mountains to MachuPicchu city


The train trip up towards the base of MachuPicchu takes 1hour and 45minutes and it winds itself uo through narrow valleys before arriving at destination.




When you arrive at MachuPicchu city you can walk through endless souvenir stalls with small restaurants on every corner. The village is divided by a river and inorder to get to the bus station to catch a bus to MachuPicchu one need to go over a bridge crossing the wild Urubamba river underneath.


Then tickets had to be bought for both the bus ride up the mountain as well as for visiting the ancient MachuPicchu village and after a short waiting period the boys boarded the bus which took them on hair- raising drive up to the original Machu Picchu Village.


A view from the bus
A view from the bus


A view from the bus looking down to the base station – the road up the hill is very narrow and now barriers would prevent a bus from going down more than a 1000m towards the river bed – definitely not for the faint hearted.


On arrival to the entrance of the ancient city the boys had to climb hundreds of steps to reach the higher parts of the village.


steps and km for this visit to the old Inca town


At the end of the day the iphones recorded a massive amount of steps and km for this visit to the old Inca town.


The sweat and pain however was rewarded with the most wonderful sights of this old Inca Township


Team Lipstick – exhausted but happy to be on top of MachuPicchu


Many Inca’s must have walked through this gate before team lipstick


MachuPicchu is breath-taking(not only because of the many steps
Lamas can be seen up here
Thumbs up and head down to this fantastic piece of history

Lamas can be seen up here on every corner and they seem to enjoy the many tourists whilst Team Lipstick was enjoying some cold refreshment before taking the bus trip down to base station.


Team Lipstick was enjoying some cold refreshment


A Day to remember forever for Team Lipstick

The train back to Ollyyamtambo arrived at 9pm and the boys celebrated the Day with a bottle of Grand Tinto red wine.


Day 35 – 19th February – MachuPicchu