Another border crossing is on the cards again today leaving Equator and crossing the border into Peru.

Again the boys had to go through the lower mountain range on the seaside of the Andean mountain range with endless winding roads requiring endless braking and accelerating and soon the boys realised that the brake shoes would soon need replacement so they used lower gear ranges so that the engine could also act as a braking power.

Shortly after Zapatillo the small border post was reached and the formalities on both sides were rather uncomplicated.


From Equator on the left over the bridge to Peru on the right – the yellow line marks the border.


Bibi Equator and after the border official finished reading his newspaper Team Lipstick was officially stamped into PERU

Having completed all formalities the boys continued on the Panamercan Highway E25 towards Lima and in sharo contrast to the green Banana and Cocoa farms in Equator they soon found themselves being surrounded by – SAND after leaving the Town of Piura in Peru.


The Sechura Desert

The Sechura Desert is located south of the Piura Region of Peru along the Pacific Ocean coast and inland to the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Its extreme aridity is caused by the upwelling of cold coastal waters and subtropical atmospheric subsidence, but it is also subject to occasional flooding during El Niño years. In 1728, the town of Sechura was destroyed by a tsunami and was later rebuilt in its present location. In 1998, runoff from flooding rivers caused the formation of a temporary lake some 145 km long filling the .Bayóvar Depression. Short rivers flowing across the desert from the Andes support intensive irrigation-based agriculture.
Fortunately Peru also believes in having nice highways and so Team Lipstick was able to reach Trujillo just after nightfall although the brakes now really started to become noisy and on arrival at the hotel the boys immediately asked for a Toyota garage in order to repair the car the following day

Day 29 – 13th February – Machala (Equator) to Trujillo (Peru)