24 and 25th July
The teams landed in Rome around 1.30pm and got to Hotel Napoleon –close to Piazza Emmanuele by just after 3pm.

No time to be wasted- they took off by foot to visit the surrounding monuments like the Colloseum and Circus Maximus.

Soon Andre and Rene built up a nice sweat and convinced the other team members that it is best to use a bus next day for sightseeing purposes.

They also requested the editor to warn all other travellers not to wear slip slops on the cobble stoned roads of Rome.

The first evening was rounded up by visiting one of the many restaurants in the older parts of Rome… in Trastevere.

Team Lipstick had a traditional Roman Tribe meal , whilst the others were sticking more to the traditional Pastas and Pizzas.

Back to the hotel where a Loop dop at the small bar assured all a good night’s rest.

Properly advised be Andre and Rene the teams got off the next day- it’s a Tuesday – by means of a hop on hop off bus which took them to the Vatican at first.

Mark and Willy made it to the insight of St Peters whilst the other team members satisfied their thirst and found a nice street pub offering some ice colds brews…

From the Vatican off to the Spanish steps and Via Condotti’s designer shops and a mid-afternoon snack at another street restaurant..

A sms from Vera spoiled the occasion as it advices that the cars would only discharge in Venice by Friday 29th June..

Instead of driving to Venice by train the next day it was decided to rather go to Florence and the close by city of Pisa. Through Vera the teams booked a car in Florence for the next day and the plan would then be to go to Venice on Thursday to collect the cars on Friday…..
From the Spanish steps by foot to the Trevi fountains where the tradition has it that tourists should throw a few coins into the water to assure a comeback to Rome….

Willy still had a 1 Pound note from Sudan on hand and- being sure that he will never go back there – drowned this piece of currency into the Trevi fountain maybe much to the anger of those who make a living collecting coins from its bottom…

Again back to the little restaurants in Trastevere for a few tastes of Italian vinos and as all missed their cars they challenged each other to find some memoirs relating to their cars.

Within minutes team Bulldog saw a tourist who was quickly convinced to lend his bulldog to Rene and Mark for a team picture. Not to be left behind Andre and Willy stopped the next available female tourist who had to have a lipstick on hand for a team picture of their own.
It took team Icevan till the next morning to complete the challenge …. See the pictures below.

Some more good Italian food was had by all and again back to the little hotel bat for some sleeping liquids……………

Wuff wuff …. Team bulldog found a live relative………
Wuff wuff …. Team bulldog found a live relative………


…whilst Andre and Willy found a Lipstick…
…whilst Andre and Willy found a Lipstick…


Team lipstick in front of St Peters – Vatican


…the Trevi fountain in Rome...
…the Trevi fountain in Rome…


…blessings to all Elao members …………..
…blessings to all Elao members …………..
Day 53 – 54 – Rome

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  • August 4, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Hoy hoy… bulldogs and lipsticks :-))
    @André and René: even if you´re crossing the whole continent…. Don´t use flip-flops while enjoying sightseeing in Rome !!

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