Hyden to Albany


Still feeling the effects of the Springboks winning the world cup rugby the boys decided to go south again to explore the coastline south of Perth – especially the wine area around Albany.


Before even reaching the wine areas in the south Team Lipstick had to drive for about 200 km through nothing else other than huge wheat farmlands.


The Wheatbelt is one of nine regions of Western Australia defined as administrative areas for the state’s regional development, and a vernacular term for the area converted to agriculture during colonisation.

It partially surrounds the Perth metropolitan area, extending north from Perth to the Mid West region, and east to the Goldfields-Esperance region.


It is bordered to the south by the South West and Great Southern regions, and to the west by the Indian Ocean, the Perth metropolitan area, and the Peel region. Altogether, it has an area of 154,862 square kilometres

The Great Southern wine region is in Western Australia’s Great Southern region. It comprises a rectangle 200 kilometres from east to west and over 100 kilometres from north to south, and is Australia’s largest wine region.


The Great Southern wine region


The vineyards spread throughout the area are known for production of high-quality vines. This diverse region is known for RieslingChardonnayCabernet SauvignonPinot noirShiraz, and Malbec.


Nice landscapes in the Great Southern area of Western Australia


Team Lipstick decided to skip breakfast today and have a nice lunch instead…….


And after a further short drive they reached Albany where they stayed over for the night.

Day 39 – 3rd November 2019 – Hyden toAlbany