Normanton to Karumbato Mount Isa


Karumba is in the Gulf Country region of Queensland, 71 kilometres by road from Normanton

Karumba is within the Shire of Carpentaria, the administrative headquarters of which is in Normanton. The town is sited at the mouth of the Norman River, and enjoys the distinction of being the only town along the southern Gulf of Carpentaria that is within sight of the Gulf itself (the Gulf’s extensive tidal flats prohibits settlement elsewhere along its shore).


Team Lipstick entering Karumba “The outback by the sea”


Karumba is a fisherman’s paradise with a huge array of fish, crabs and prawns in the area. The boystouredthis small holiday village .


Andre is disappointed because camping is not allowed and Willy is trying to spot the crocodiles


Dream Killer


The boys decided that this sign ends their dream of having a swim in the Gulf of Carpentaria and so they made their way back to Normanton where they stopped again to take a picture of the huge crocodile which was shot close by many years ago


Krys the 8.6m long crocodile and Lipstick in Normanton


Andre is refuelling Lipstick whilst Willy inspects the neatness of this Top Service station


Having refuelled in Normanton the boys were on their way down South towards Mount Isa


Mount Isa


Mount Isa is a city in the Gulf Country region of QueenslandAustralia.

It came into existence because of the vast mineral deposits found in the area.

Mount Isa Mines is one of the most productive single mines in world history, based on combined production of leadsilvercopper and zinc

With an urban population of 21,998 Mount Isa is the administrative, commercial and industrial centre for the state’s vast north-western region.

A trip through desert lands on long and straight roads with the highlight of seeing some Emus and having to overtake a lot of road trains.


The road trains are up to 50m long and the Emu is very common in this area….


After arriving in Mount ISA Andre felt quiet at home because he found


The “Buffs Club“where the boys enjoyed another Friday to remember


Day 30 – 25th October 2019 – Normanton to Karumbato Mount Isa