Firstly in the morning the teams established a suitable repair centre for Bulldog’s wheel bearing problem. The local Toyota dealership was contacted and they assured that they have both spare parts and manpower capacity available to sort Bulldog out before lunchtime.

Team Icevan and Lipstick in the meantime would proceed the small distance of 110 km to Watamu where they would stay in Club 15’s guest house where Geoff Shone from East London was already waiting for them.

Geoff and friends from South Africa enjoy coming to Watamu for many years and recently purchased a really magnificent colonial styled mansion as a base for their fishing charter running off Turtle beach next to the Hemmingway’s hotel.

This facility allows the teams to have their washing done as well as rearrange all the goodies in the car which were thrown around when manoeuvring around and through the ever so common African portholes.

Big thank you to Geoff who specially flew up for this occasion from South Africa to spend a few days with his friends’ en tour through Africa.

Geoff , Willy and Andre cooling down in the Geoff’s Watamu mansion..
Geoff , Willy and Andre cooling down in the Geoff’s Watamu mansion..


swimming pool area at Geoff’s Watamu mansion
Day 16 – Mombassa to Watamu

One thought on “Day 16 – Mombassa to Watamu

  • June 21, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Considering you guy’s are keeping so well to the route schedule I am surprised you didn’t stay longer and work on getting more qualified Cardinals whilst enjoying the surroundings!!!

    Enjoy Nirobbery and the rest of your time in Kenya. Lets see the size of some of these potholes, pictures tell the story of a 1,000 words.


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