Lipstick doing the Americas Central and Southers States

After a lot of planning the boys took off in East London today and boarded the flight from Johanneburg to New York – unfortunately there was a severe thunderstorm in Johannesburg forcing the boys to stay inside the plane on the airports tarmac for 1,5 hours with not a drink on offer to pass the time a bit faster.


Leaving East London


They arrived New York 40minutes beyond schedule in the early hours of Tuesday the 16th September only to find out that this part of the USA is currently under freezing condition and they were facing temperatures of Minus 3 degrees which was in stark contrast to the summerly weather back home in East London.


Johannesburg to New York


After a short stay over of 2 hours they boarded the flight to Los Angeles which took another 5.5 hours before touching down in California.


New York To Los Angeles


Customs and passport procedures were fast and easy and from the airports curb side they phoned for the shuttle to Lipsticks parking home for the last 4 Months.


Within 15 minutes the shuttle arrived and 10 minutes later the boys were happey to see Lipstick nicely parked under Lock. Naturally the one battery which they left connected sucked itself dry over the last 4 Months so the doors and bonnets had to be opened manually and after connecting the other 2 batteries to the system Lipstick’s engine started without any hazzle – much to the joy of team Lipstick.


So here they go – solidly on the road again and after filling all tanks anc checking oil and water the trip down south on the Pan American highway started to unfold with the goal of the day – reaching San Diego  which is about 280km South of Los Angeles.


Goal of the day – reaching San Diego

Instead of going down the main highway the boys opted for the coastal route which is regarded as one of the most scenic coastal drives worldwide:


The route from Los Angeles to San Diego is pure, Southern California, coastal beauty. Passing through relaxed beachside towns like Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Oceanside means there’s plenty of surf and sand to enjoy along the way. You’ll also drive through Anaheim, which is known for being home to Disneyland.  Even though the trip is only around two hours, there’s so much to see and do that you can make it into a whole-day affair– or you can drive it right through and spend more time exploring the awesomeness in either city (or both!).


Shortly after sunset the boys arrived in the Gaslamp District of San Diego –


With over 200 restaurants, clubs and bars, the newly urbanized, historic Gaslamp Quarter boasts the best nightlife in San Diego. Home to many of the city’s events and festivals such as Mardi Gras and Street Scene, this area is bordered by the Convention Center, PETCO park and the downtown waterfront. Comprised of just 16 blocks, you don’t need a car to get around the Gaslamp.


Having been in transit now for over 32 hours the boys booked into the famous Hortons Hotel where In 1886, AT THE AGE of 38, famed lawman Wyatt Earp arrived in San Diego, at the urging of his brother Virgil, to investigate reports of a real-estate boom in what was dubbed the “land of the sundown sea.”


After a must have drink in the Hotels bar the boys took off to one of the many closed by restaurants where they enjoyed a nice meal and some Californian red wine.


Exhausted the were “men down “waybefore midnight and falling into an instant sleep





Day 1 & 2 – 15th – 16th January – New York to San Diego

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