Due to the ignition switch problem the boys had to bypass the electrical system just to start the car and hence were unable to use Radio or switch the air conditioner on and due to this fact, they did not realise that the aircon fan belt also decided it’s time to break.


So high time and off to the Toyota garage called Toyota Groupo Pan where they were met by Mirko – one of the service managers who could speak a bit of English.


The requested repair work to be carried out was given to him as follows


  1. Repair ignition system with the part which the boys received in Cartagena
  2. Repair broken fan belt for aircon
  3. Repair all 4 brakes
  4. Do an oil change and replace filters.


“Can we fetch the car later in the afternoon? (it is now 9:30 am)


“No,nototally impossible – Manyana 5pm if all good me send whats app to you tomorrow morning”


There they were facing another day of waiting but the boys were glad that finally Lipstick was in good hands and the necessary repairs could be carried out. So back to Miraflores

(Lima’sbeachfront) where the day was spent exploring the surroundings.


In the evening this message from Mirko came through :


Message from Mirko


For the non-Spanish speaking this in essence meant that all parts are available and the car can be fetched by 5pm the next Day – which made the boys quite happy and called for another Sour – one of Peru’s speciality drinks:

The Peruvian pisco sour cocktail is made by mixing Peruvian pisco with Key lime juicesimple syrup, egg white, Angostura bitters (for garnish), and ice cubes. The Chilean pisco sour cocktail is made by mixing Chilean Pisco with Pica lime juice, powdered sugar, and ice cubes.

Pisco is a colourless or yellowish-to-amber coloured brandy produced in the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile.




It is an ideal drink to get extra patience and sleeping power-although the boys realised that an overdose could lead to some headache the next morning.


So back to the Toyota garage next day (16thFebruary) where the boys were told that Mirko is on leave but Ricardo would look after them – of course Ricardo could not speak a word of English and from now on all conversations were done via Google Translate on Ricardo’s computer and hand drawings.


Ricardo’s computer and hand drawings


So, whilst they were fixing the brakes they found a broken lock sleeve and the car could only be repaired by tomorrow – back to the hotel and making sure of having more patience with the help of more Pisco Sours.


Next day (17thFebruary) the boys decided to make use of the receptionist to phone Ricardo in order to enquire about the wellbeing of Lipstick and after a lengthy phone call she assured the boys that the car will definitely be ready by 5pm today.


With patience stretched to their limits (the Pisco medicine has worn off) they decided to go to the Garage already at 1.30pm and immediately made it to Ricardo’s desk who gave the boys thumb up and the following message:


Yebooh – the car would be ready in 45 minutes – best news in Days…


Rear brake drums and shoes have been replaced as well as new lock ring to drive shaft


Rear brake drums and shoes


Team lipstick left Lima just after 4 pm and headed down to Nasca which is also famous because of the strange and mysterious “Nasca Lines “which can be seen from a plane.


Nazca is a city and system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru. It is also the name of the largest existing town in the Nazca Province. The name is derived from the Nazca culture that flourished in the area between 100 BC and 800 AD.


The Nazca Lines in southern Peru


The Nazca Lines in southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometres, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometres, the figures are most visible from the air or nearby hilltops.


The boys were happy to arrive in time for some restaurants still being open

Day 31 & 32 & 33 – 15th/16th/17th February – Lima

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