Day 1 – East London to Bethlehem – 710 km (Team Lipstick)

Like a real last minute flight we all assembled at Lets Travel ( a travel agent in East London ) in anticipation of getting handed over our visas and passports inclusive of vaccination certificates.

The delay in getting the visas emanated from the German Consulate in Cape Town who took 7 days to process the applications. The courier arrived at 8.20h and after having made enough copies for each of us the various teams dispersed to their various departure points.

Most teams started at 9.30 from their homes and team lipstick left from Willy’s house where Geoff , Thomas and Anne and Evi bid them farewell . Ansie and Piet came the night before and donated a beautifull LED Tourch to enlighten the teams live. After a few tight hugs and watery eyes team Lipstick hit the road to Germany.

After a final fill up with Diesel for Lipstick and Water for the 2 drivers they finally got off to a good start and duly proceeded past Autopipe and toasted all business good bye with a can of freshly brewed beer.

The next fuel stop took place after 630km in Ficksburgand after having spend about 1,5 hours due to traffic stops caused by roadworks. Team Bulldog lost its way and continued to deWetsdorp which set them 2 hours back.

The teams arrived in Bethlehem at Petronella’s Guesthouse at about 17.00h with no major complications. Petronella has modest and clean accommodation at a R 180,– per Person and the teams quickly set down to consume a few cool beverages before heading to the local Spur restaurant.

The price for the “dick of the day” went to team Bulldog for being unable to stick to a pre -determined road.
All team members where horizontal by 11pm in freezing conditions and the electric blankets in the room where highly appreciated.

Willy Team Lipstick
Andre Team Lipstick
Day 1 – East London to Bethlehem – 710 km