Patience is getting stretched to the limits for Team Lipstick as they are awaiting release of the car by US customs control.


Whilst the container arrived on the 12thof August our US shipping agents are keeping the boys waiting for the release of the vehicle. To make matters worse they told the boys that credit cards or cash are not accepted by them and the only way they can accept payment for clearing will be by bank transfer.


Seabrook Forwarding 🙁


Such a transfer however from the boys SA account could take 2-3 days and therefor Team Lipstick visited the agents bank- Bank of America – who confirmed that they can put cash straight into the agents account where it would reflect immediately – great relief that this hurdle seems to have been overcome.


So, it is  just a case of biting the teeth close the eyes and keep on strolling around the skyscraper jungle of New York whilst chasing the agents and reading their replies.






The main phrase in above exchange of emails reads


As soon as customs clears


Nobody seems to know anything about a time frame  or be able to explain how long it will take. Team lipstick reckons that this is worse than having Petrol in a Diesel tank and suggest it really is time to make America great again…


above is currently the only light at the end of the importation tunnel which Team lipstick sees…









15th -16th August – Waiting for Lipstick