Lipstick doing Americas 2017

Having completed the Silkroad from China to Europe , going North and South  on the African continent it seem only logical that the Americas should become the next adventure for team Lipstick.

Routing for 1st leg

Lipstick was shipped out to New York in July 2017 fromwhere Andre and Willy

will join the well travelled Landcruiser and go on tour through Canada and up to Alaska before turning South again until they reach the bottom end of South America and then finally ship the car back to South Africa from Argentine or Brazil.

Along the road it is envisaged to follow the Trans Canadian highway from West to East before turning North to Alaska and back down again to Vancouver.

The boys will then hit the famous Route66 and head down to Los Angeles where they would complete the first leg of their Trans America adventure.

The second leg will then take them South via Mexico , Columbia ,Venezuela ,Peru ,Bolivia and Chile before turning North again to Argentine and Brazil .

Let us see how the story unfolds and what lies ahead for Team Lipstick – their daily blog will become visible on this Webpage shortly after the 8th of August 2017 when Andre will arrive in New York from Dubai and meet Willy who will be flying in from Germany.

Expedition Intro – Lipstick doing Americas 2017