Sunday was spent preparing Lipstick for its return journey to South Africa meaning that the spare Diesel canisters had to be removed from the roof carrier to reduce the car’s overhaul height so that it would fit in a container.


Lipstick is too high for a container with its 2 Diesel Canisters on the roof rack


The on -board fridge was removed and properly washes and cleaned out and the fridge’s batteries was disconnected and tool boxes rearranged. Unfortunately, all car wash places were closed today and so the boys decided to wash Lipstick early next morning.

Thereafter a short drive from Itajaí to Navegantes to book air tickets for the boys return flight to Sao Paulo the next day.

A drive through Navegantes and Itajaí was also on the cards to see a bit more of these 2 coastal towns before the boys also proceeded to repack their own luggage for the flight home and Willy needed to print out a power of attorney for the shipping agent so that he could proceed with custom clearance the next day.


Finally, off to the beachfront into one of the many restaurants for Sunday Dinner & Vino.


On the beachfront



Monday saw an early rise for Team Lipstick as they wanted to be first in line at the car wash place before handing Lipstick over to the forwarding agent.


Spare tanks are down and Lipstick gets a clean-up before being shipped.


Lipstick being handed over to the forwarding agent


Official Notary’s stamp of approval


Roberto from above company immediately offered to take the boys to the local notary who need to confirm Willy’s power of attorney and accompanied to the public offices where unfortunately Willy was asked for his passport which was at the hotel…


So back to the hotel fetch the passport and again back to the notary’s office where they put their official seal onto the power of attorney which would give the shipping agent the necessary authority to deal with all custom procedures on Team Lipstick’s behalf.


Roberto kindly took the boys back to the hotel where they fetched their suitcases and took a taxi to Navegantes airport and boarded their flight to Sao Paolo a little while later.


On approaching Sao Paolo’s airport and within minutes of landing the pilot suddenly pulled the plane up again as he obviously was advised by the tower that landing conditions are not good because of a big rainstorm and after circling above Sao Paolo for some 15 minutes the plane took a northerly direction and landed some 20 minutes later on what seemed to be a military airport.


The passengers were advised that the plane needs to park here until the weather conditions in Sao Paolo will be getting better and after 1.5 hours the plane started again and 20 minutes later it safely landed in Sao Paolo airport – the boys agreed that it is much safer being aboard Lipstick and then put up for the night at a close by airport hotel.

Day 55 & 56 – 11/12th March – Itajaí