Another road trip through farmlands and landscapes reminding the boys of the movie Lord of the rings and passing through another biggish city called Hamilton and from there it was only a short distance and `New Zealand’s capital Auckland was reached before lunchtime.


Being to early to check into any motel the boys decided to visit Auckland’s waterfront for a cold beer and a spicy chowder before making their way to the airport district to book into a motel.


After check-inn the boys went to return their well-loved RAV 4 to Scotties car rental not too far away from the motel . Fortunately Scotties offered a lift back to the motel so there was no need to call an Uber or other taxis.


The rest of the now late afternoon was spent napping and updating the travel reports before having dinner in the motel’s little restaurant.


Early wake up on the 1st of October for the boys in order to catch “The yellow bus” for a transport to Auckland’s airport  where Team Lipstick checked in for their flight to Perth in Australia.


A 7 hour flight from Auckland to Perth and a 5 hour time difference


Not being sure whether good old Lipstick would pass custom’s quarantine today Andre and Willy decided to hire a car in Perth in order to be mobile and booked themselves into a motel close to the CBD.


Perth in full view on approach from the airport.


From there they took off straight down the southern Highway towards the harbour area called Freemantle. They met with the company owner Emilio Mollica who explained that all custom formalities have been completed and that the car is parked in their warehouse waiting for a quarantine inspector to give the final clearance – apparently no dirty cars are allowed into Australia but Lipstick was shipped shiny clean so Emilio expects no problem with the inspection which should take place the following morning.


Surely custom’s officials should agree that Lipstick is a classic example of a ultra clean car


Happy about this news the boys went back to the hotel where they also had a small meal before dropping into bed  – due to the time Difference between New Zealand and Australia they had a long 19h day…







Day 5 & 6 – 30 September & 1st October 2019 – Rotorua to Auckland to Perth

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