Team Lipstick realised that the battery feeding Lipstick’s on-board fridge must have passed its expiry date because despite charging it all night it remained flat.


So, the first task of the morning was to find a battery shop and replace the battery which served well for the pas 6 years. The salesman at the shop confirmed that this battery is “pretty dead” so a new one was bought to make sure the boys would have cold beverages on hand during their further drives.


Driving out of Town Willy saw what looked like a disco through the rear window and this was quickly identified as a police van flashing all available lights at its disposal.


Wow – Willy brought Lipstick to a stop on the right-hand side of the road where he was greeted by master of the law and asked whether he knew at what speed he was travelling.


Forced to stop by Canadian Highway police


I have no idea officer – I was simply following the car in front of me.


That Canadian car by the way also stopped on the side the road


We’ll let me tell you that you did 122km/h in a 90 zone just a bit less than the car you followed. Is the car insured? Passport and drivers licence please.


Insurance policy and all other documents were handed over to the officer who then returned to his car obviously checking all documents from Lipstick and the other car.


Car one was then given a lecture and obviously a ticket and a warning before his majesty the king of roads went back to his car to decide Team Lipsticks fate.


Sir you were driving much to fast – this is Canada and not Germany or South Africa – however I admire you guys for driving around the world and therefor I only give you a ticket for being too close to the car you followed.


Voila, who would have expected such a gratitude and blessing from the policeman who was profoundly thanked and praised for onlyissuing a 110 Dollar fine (about 1.200, — Rand).  Be careful guys otherwise you might get pulled off the road – in Canada we have strict rules on the Road.


In Canada we have strict rules on the Road



Ay Ay Sir – we fully understand and thank you for having been born – Team Lipstick got back into the car and proceeded through more forests and passing morelakes.


On arrival in Winnipeg a hotel was quickly found and Willy already did make arrangements with his Niece who lives in this capital of Manitoba to meet with her and her boyfriend Chris this evening in one of the local steakhouses.

Chris and Theresa
Team Lipstick meets family in Winnipeg

It was nice to see family again after having met David in New York and Theresa the niece could give Team Lipstick some good advice regarding road speeds and how to deal with traffic fines.


Team Lipstick in Winnipeg

Amazingly Team Lipstick realised that they also entered into a new time zone and are now 7 hours behind – this also meant they got back to their hotel not too late….


Day 4 – 21st August – Thunder bay to Winnipeg