Early wake up today for a long trip along the lakes and through the forests of this part of Canada.

The largest of the Great Lakes of North America group is Lake Superior along which the boys drove for hours. Shared by Canada and America, the massive giant reaches 560 kilometers length! It features a long and nice coast, with sandy beaches, therefore it attracts thousands in summer


Lake Superior
Lake Superior

It is currently hunting season around here and Team Lipstick saw many guys pulling their 4 wheelers with which they go deep into the forest to hunt – mainly for bears. A few hours into the drive the petrol gauge moved fast to E with no petrol station in sight and it was quiet a reliefe when the boys found a station to fill the tank up with 144 l of Canadian Diesel.

The owner of the shop proudly showed the guys a picture of a 310kg bear which was recently hunted down by one of his friends.


a picture of a 310kg bear

Most of the lakes have some holiday or fishing cottages along their shores but there are very few villages and sometimes the boys saw no sign of civilisation for 100km.

These villages look like the ones in the Wild West movies with a sort of a general dealer in the middle of of the villagewhere one can get all necessary items from bullets to fresh bait right down to a well-stocked Liquor store and ice in abundance.

There seem to be more lakes in Canada than Buddhas in China and they must get fed from the massive snow falls in Winter when most of them ice up..

On arrival in Thunderbay a nice motel was found again and the day finished off with a few Irish coffes from Lipsticks back door bar…


Day 3 – 20th August – Saute St Marie to Thunderbay