Cairns to Normanton


Having explored the beautiful coastal area from Adelaide right up to Cairns the boys decided to go back to the outbacks and cross over in a westerly direction from Cairns to Normanton.


Having discovered a small hole in Lipsticks left front tyre it was decided to change the 2 front tyres before further damage could occur in the outbacks and the boys went to a tyre shop arriving there as they opened for the day. Fortunately, they had the same tyres in stock and were able to assist whilst the boys went to a MacDonald next door for coffee.


On the way back to the tyre place Willy realised that his back-tooth implant has become loose and he immediately contacted 5 dentists for possible assistance, but all were fully booked, and the earliest appointment would be the next afternoon.


Ads an alternative the boys decided to possibly contact a dentist in Normanton but fortunately one of the dentists which were contacted in Cairns phoned back advising Willy that his next patient had cancelled his appointment and Willy could be attended to in 30 minutes time.


With fresh front tyres Team Lipstick stormed through Cairns and arrived at the dental place in time and Willy was more than happy that the very friendly dentist was a specialist for implants and could help him very professionally.


The Dental Boutique in Cairns was a great help to Willy


Today’s trip started with a climb over the rain forest mountains east of Cairns with very windy(263 bends) roads and really heavy rain forests on either side of the road.


Gillies Range


The Gillies Range is a mountain range in Queensland, Australia. It is a chain of summits south of Cairns that separate the Queensland coastal plain from the interior Atherton Tableland. At the foot of the range is the town of Gordonvale.

The Gillies Highway permits road access from the Goldsborough Valley near Gordonvale, to Atherton on the Atherton Tableland via the Gillies Range (famous for its 263 corners, and 800 m elevation change in only 19 km of road).

The Gillies Highway and range were named after William N Gillies, a former Premier of Queensland.


The Gillies Mountain range.




Ravenshoe is on the Atherton Tableland in Far North Queensland. It is located 123 kilometres  south west of the regional centre, Cairns.

At 930 metres  above sea level, Ravenshoe is the highest town in Queensland, with Queensland’s highest pub”The Ravenshoe Hotel”  and highest railway station.


The highest Pub in Queensland…..


From the highlands down to Normanston Lipstick found itself on endless straight roads with small villages along the way


Team Lipstick had a “Pitstop” in another small village called Croyden before finally arriving at todays destination in Normanton


The Albion Motel in Normanton were the boys had a good Dinner and a good night’s rest


It was Trivia night this evening in the Pub with good old jokes attached to the wall




Day 29 – 24th October 2019 – Cairnsto Normanton

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