Hans Jürgen and Birgit fetched the boys this morning to take them around a drive through Los Angeles and as they live in this city for many years it gave Team Lipstick a sort on an “insider” view of the area by taking them first along the Mullholland Drive.


Willy with Birgit and Hans Jürgen – Team Lipstick’s friends in Hollywood

Mulholland Drive is a street and road in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California. It is named after pioneering Los Angeles civil engineer William Mulholland. The western rural portion in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties is named Mulholland Highway. The road is featured in innumerable movies, songs, and novels. David Lynch, who wrote and directed a film named after Mullholland Drive, has said that one can feel “the history of Hollywood” on it.


The road offers spectacular viewsof the Los Angeles Basin, the San Fernando Valley, and the Hollywood Sign.

Mulholland Drive is home to some of the most exclusive and most expensive homes in the world. Many of these homes are set back from the road and offer outstanding views of downtown Los Angeles.


Views of the greater Los Angeles as seen along Mullholland Drive

A great stop over was had at the many pubs along the drive which are somehow hidden and off the normal tourism track.


A great stop over
The Sunset


After driving through the Santa Monica Mountains, the guys found themselves back at the Pacific in Malibu is a city west of Los Angeles, California. It’s known for its celebrity homes and beaches, including wide and sandy Zuma Beach. (Definitely not named after the president in SA)


Many famous Movies were shot along this coastline amongst others “Planet of the Apes “and ‘Baywatch”


To the east is Malibu Lagoon State Beach, known as Surfrider Beach for its waves.


Zuma Beach
The famous Malibu Pier

From Malibu, the drive took them further to Venice which is a vibrant little town in Los Angeles

Venice is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood within Los AngelesCalifornia. It is located within the urban region of western Los Angeles County known as the Westside.

Venice was founded in 1905 as a seaside resort town. It was an independent city until 1926, when it merged with Los Angeles. Today, Venice is known for its canals, beaches, and the circus-like Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile pedestrian-only promenade that features performers, mystics, artists and vendors.


Venice a very vibrant beach front in Los Angeles

After a wonderful day with Birgit and Hans Jürgen the four finished the Day off with a meal on Sunset Drive before ending up again at …… Dan Tana’s pub for a few final sundowners and advise on stress relief:


Some Final advise as seen in Dan Tana’s Pub in Hollywood
























Day 29 – 15th September – Los Angeles