Shortly after passing through Eureka Team Lipstick leaves Oregon and enters California


Welcome to California

The trip again went along the coastline first passing through some well know town such as CooseBay with its ancient history and well know as a fisherman’s paradise.


Coos Bay Region

Prior to Europeans first visiting the Oregon coast, Native American tribes claimed the Coos Bay region as their homeland for thousands of years.Members of the CoosLower UmpquaSiuslaw and Coquille tribes lived, fished, hunted and gathered along Coos Bay and its estuaries, along rivers, and in meadows and forests.Approximately 400 years ago, British and Spanish explorers first approached the South Coast. In 1579 Sir Francis Drake is purported to have sought shelter for his ship, the Golden Hinde, around Cape Arago.


From there the route guided Team Lipstick through beautifull Redwood Forests with extremely tall and 100s of years old trees and myths about some strange creatures living in these forests


Big Foot or Sasquatch


Many tales are existing about the Big Foot or Sasquatch but definite proof that such a creature exists is not avalabe


Bigfoot is a cryptid which supposedly is a simian-like creature of American folklore that is said to inhabit forests, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Bigfoot is usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid.


The Redwood Forests are extremely beautiful to drive through and team Lipstick made the best of it..


The trees are huge


Good old Lipstick could not fit through

The trees are huge indeed but just a little too small to drive good old Lipstick through it


The boys however could easily be accomodated – Andre


The boys however could easily be accomodated – Willy


The drive went further down towards and through the Redwood forests and later through the vinyards of California whereafter  the H101 was reached again just after Santa Rosa.


Wine Waves and Wilderness

Wine Waves and Wilderness – these 3 words describe best the area north of San Francisco


The boys had a stop at a famous Hamburger Ranch but fell short of falling into the trap of wine tasting as they wanted to reach San Francisco safely this evening.


World Famous Hamburger Ranch

Again their timing was perfect and they reached San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge just before Sunset:


A misty arrival rolling onto Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
















Day 21 – 7th September – Arcata to San Francisco