Another big haze in the air from the burning forests in Oregon as the boys continued their trip along Highway 101 down South.


Newspapers in the area were full today with reports of burning forests and evacuation measures have been implemented but fortunately it only affects areas about 50km inland from the coast so Highway 101 would not be in danger.


forest Fire spots

Above picture shows the “forest Fire spots” in Oregon on the day Team Lipstick went down and Helicopters were seen filling their water bombs with seawater in order to fight the fires.


Helicopters were seen filling their water bombs with seawater

The trip along the coastline of Oregon is really worth seeing. It often runs along the coastline but visibility on this day was very poor caused by the forest fires in the mountains.


Beautiful scenery along the H101


small harbours along the H101

Beautiful scenery with many small harbours along the H101 in Oregon.


Along the coastline there are many small villages and what seems to be holiday homes or beach houses for those close by and from far away who have their vacation along this coastline


Many Holiday houses can be seen right on the Cliff of Oregon’s coast Line.

The boys arrived safely in Arcata in late afternoon after an enjoyable trip – with unfortunately bad visibility due to the burning mountains…



Day 20 -6th September – Pacific City to Arcata