It’s a 4am wake up call for team Lipstick to make use of the hotel’s airport shuttle in order to catch the 7.35am flight from Panama to Cartagena – on arrival at the check in counter of Copas airline however they were told that their flight is booked for the 24th February and not the 4th February (24.2 instead of 4.2).


After some broken English / Spanish negotiations however they managed to get on the flight this morning and 45 Minutes later they arrived in Columbia .


Fortunately, Andre did arrange his Visa beforehand (Willy as a German does not require one) so the immigration into Columbia was very easy and the boys took a Taxi straight to their rebooked Holiday Flat in Castillogrande


Despite their early morning arrival admission to the flat was not a problem and by 10 am the boys had settled in and were ready to start exploring the beach area close by.


A well-deserved afternoon nap got the boys ready to explore the old walled in city of Cartagena which is one of the main attractions.


The construction of the Walls of Cartagena, an effort mounted to defend the city from possible pirate attacks, lasted nearly two centuries, with construction ending in 1796. The historic centre is surrounded by seven miles of these imposing stone walls, complemented by fortifications and bastions, from which you can watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.

City of Cartagena



Walking through the narrow roads of this historic part of Cartagena was a nice experience and there were lots of tourists, restaurants and shops to create a nice vibe.


Painted very colourful


The houses in this area are all painted very colourful compared to the white only skyscrapers area in Castillogrande.


A nice restaurant


A nice restaurant was found with great food and fantastic red wine before returning back to base for a good night’s rest.

Day 20 – 4th February – Panama to Cartagena (Columbia)