Team Lipstick decided not to stay in Sydney but rather in one of the southern suburbs like Bankstown in order to avoid the heave traffic common with any big city as well as parking problems.

Eden to Bankstown


The boys decided to follow the coastal route before joining the M1 again shortly before Sydney and a pleasant drive was had along the coastal area of northern Victoria.


The boys took off at sunrise this morning before the motel manager could argue about his parking privileges..


The towns along the coastel road are rather small with some real colonial character and architecture…


The houses in the small villages are mostly wooden and showpieces of times gone bye…


Wooden showpieces


The National Park’s coastal roads meander through rainforest, cliff-side lookouts and rock pools

Wide rivers and driving through many forests along the coastal highway towards Sydney.


coffee breaks


An otherwise eventless drive today with a few rests  and coffee breaks in between before reaching the skylines of Sydney and finding some accomodation in a southern suburb called “BanksTown”


A view of the centre of Bankstown – about 20km south of Sydney









Day 20 – 15th October 2019 – Eden to Bankstown (Sydney)

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