After a nice breakfast at one of the Diners next to the Motel the boys set off on their way to Buffalo City and the Niagara Falls.


The early start was worth it as they found easy parking right next to the falls on the USA side (the area was filled to capacity upon their return 1hour later).


This town receives around 14-15 Million tourists every year and the amount of souvenir shops and Niagara fall memorable is mind blocking and quite amazing to see how a waterfall created a multimilliontourism business.


Team Lipstick of course proceeded straight to the American site of the falls which is actually the less attractive side but still amazing to see.


The American site of the falls

The masses of water dropping down causes quiet a noise and misty environment and the place quickly filled up with thousands of tourists wanting to watch North America’s biggest and the world’s most famous waterfall.


The Canadian side of the Falls.

The guys therefor decided to leave the USA and cross over to the Canadian side of the Falls.

This meant crossing a bridge and going through passport control even without leaving the car. No questions asked about importing the car into Canada, passports stamped and with best wishes from the Border official team Lipstick was in Canada (a far cry from the 7-day delay for importing the car to the USA.


Willy stretching his legs in front of the Niagara Water Falls


Some 170.000 cbm of water is falling over the cliff per minutewith a lot of thunder and the boys agree that the view from Canada beats the view from America by far. Niagara City which is the name of the town on the Canadian site is also much more pretty with park like areas on the edge of the falls and the Niagara river.


Having spent another 1.5 hours admiring the power of water the boys decided to go west towards the great lakes – a beautiful drive through lots and lots of forests and lakes only interrupted by some small villages with populations smaller than 2000 people. The main activities around this stretch of the world seem to be fishing and hunting and the boys stopped counting the many lakes along the road.


Arriving late after dawn in Saute St Marie they again found a nice motel at the entrance to the city and proceeded to have a good Dinner.


Day 2 – 19th August – Niagara to Saute St Marie