Out of Horsham soon driving through beautiful farmland before deciding to go more coastal and hitting the “Great Ocean Route”.


The road is considered a tourist attraction in the area,in which much of the road hugs coastline affectionately known as the Surf Coast,between Torquay and Cape Otway, and the  Shipwreck Coast  further west of Cape Otway

The road traverses rainforests, as well as beaches and travels via  AngleseaLorneApollo Bay, and  Port Campbell, the latter being notable for its natural limestone and sandstone rock formations including  Loch Ard GorgeThe GrottoLondon Arch  (formerly London Bridge) and  The Twelve Apostles.


The London Arch – previously called London Bridge


The great Ocean routes.


Willy enjoying the coastline along the Great Ocean Drive


The boys pushed hard to arrive in Melbourne by mid-afternoon in order to meet good friends of theirs from East London – Inga and Johnathan Goldberg. After booking in to a motel and being hesitant to drive with Lipstick into the centre of Melbourne – where parking might be a problem – in this 4.2 Million people metropole..


4.2 Million people metropole


they decided to drive to the Melbourne airport and leave Lipstick in the parking area there and catch an Uber to the harbour area in Melbourne called “The Docksides”




Whatever your mood, there’s always something new to experience at Docklands. Escape for a while and discover Melbourne’s spectacular harbour, just minutes from the city centre.​


happy to see Inga and Johnny


The boys were extremely happy to see Inga and Johnny who live already some time in Australia and have recently moved to Melbourne.


Good food and good wine and meeting great friends–Team Lipstick could not wish for better !





Day 18 – 13th October 2019 – Horsham to Melbourne