Out of Adelaide and climbing the mountains Lipstick was soon driving through beautiful farmland before deciding to go more coastal and hitting the “Great Ocean Route”.


Adelaide to Horsham


After starting off in Adelaide to mountain range was soon reached and Lipstick with its limited power often was just “limping along” on the greater climbs which can reach 700m above sea level outside Adelaide.


The trip reminded the boys of the swiss alps with beautiful green Farmland on either side of the road.


Fertile and green fields in this part of Australia with plenty water avaialable


The area which the boys travelled today between Adelaide and Horsham is also often referred to as the “Wheatbelt” of Australia


Located at in the heart of Victoria’s wheat-belt at Horsham, Grains Innovation Park (GIP) is a hub for agricultural research, development and extension in Western Victoria.

Established in 1962 with funding from Victorian wheat growers and the State Government, GIP – which was originally known as the Victorian Wheat Research Institute – was opened to breed wheat varieties for Victoria.

By the 1980s, breeding programs had expanded to include barley, canola, field peas, lentils and chickpeas. Today GIP is a world class research facility with more than 100 staff working to deliver scientific solutions in applied research, development and extensions programs.

Other then seeing dozens of huge silos for wheat storages and driving through small farm villages the day was not very eventfuluntil the boys saw a pink lake…

Salt lakes turn pink as a result of algae called Dunaliella Salina, which is found in sea salt fields, though research suggests bacteria can play a small part in the pink hue.


A Pink Salt lake


In their spare time the farmers in this area obviously have some great ideas like….


Some Great ideas here


Putting a Landrover on a pole to attract tourists who would otherwise breeze through their small villages.

After arriving in Horsham, the boys found a nice Thai restaurant to round off the day in the farmlands…





Day 17 – 12th October 2019 – Adelaide to Horsham