The boys made it back to Vancouver early morning through heavy traffic and the search for a parking place took almost half an hour and eventually a parking lot was found for 42 Dollars to park the car for 5 hours!


Rip off parking in Vancouver…

From there the boys went walking towards a Hop on Hop off bus station in order to find the hot spots in this beautiful city.


Best way to see the city

Throughout their various trips and when visiting cities Team Lipstick found this to be the best way to see the various landmarks a city has to offer


Next to the world trade centre in Vancouver they got off the bus and decided to walk from there along the waterfront and further on to the world-renowned Stanley Park which is a 400-hectare green oasis with beautiful beaches and historic landmarks.


It was an 8 km walk along the edge of the Pacific in this amazing city which Team Lipstick places top of the many cities visited throughout Africa, China and Europe.


Shorelines of Vancouver


Willy and Andre

Many seaplanes are taking off along the shorelines of Vancouver to fly tourists to the close by mountain ranges and giving them a bird’s eye view of the area.


This city is really beautiful and clean and the boys simply loved to be here on this nice day although the temperature of 30 digress caused a bit of a sweat during there long walk along the waterfront and through Stanley Park with its many attractions.


Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary recently

On 2nd of July this year Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary and boasts a coast line of 71261 km along the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic sea – a unique country to visit.


Totem Poles in Stanley Park


Totem Poles

The Totem Poles in Stanley Park are Vancouver’s most visited tourist attraction and Team Lipstick had to get there to see these amazing sculptures.


From Stanley Park the boys used a ferry to get over to Grandville island which is actually a Peninsula and located across False Creek from Downtown Vancouver


The Market on Granville island -a mature tourist attraction in Vancouver

Just before sunset the boys made it back to Lipstick’s parking bay and drove again 30km out of town to Surrey which is about half way to the border of USA – a great Day – a great City

Fully enjoyed by Team Lipstick and definitely a place to return to one day.



Day 16 – 2nd September – Vancouver