First task of the day was to go to another Toyota garage in Adelaide in order to find out whether they could fix the leaking hose but again the boys were told that there is no spare hose available as it would need to come from Melbourne which would take 3 days..,


So the boys opted for their fall-back position to drivce to Melbourne in limb mode as they already sourced a spare hose there which could be picked up on Monday morning (its Friday today )


However instead of driving straight through to Melbourne it was decided to have a rest day today and give lipstick a good clean-up..


A car wash place was found and a few hands were busy giving Lipstick a makeover…


Sometime was spent updating family and friends at home and then the boys went to the Adelaide airport to change some money – this was difficult at local banks because an Australian address could not be given – the moneychangers at the airport however had no problem with this .


From the airport Andre and Willy made their way to Henley Beach..


Henley Beach has a mellow, seaside feel and a vibrant food scene, with upscale seafood restaurants and cool Modern Australian eateries sharing space with fish and chip shops, long-established pubs and ice cream parlours. A long stretch of fine sand draws swimmers, paddleboarders and walkers, and the jetty is a popular fishing spo


Team Lipstick exploring Henley Beach in Adelaid


A nice Spot was found right adjacent on the Beach at Henley square..


Hermanos Cubanos a legendary pub on Henley square in Adelaide….


Back at the Motel the boys  did some more admin and planned the time ahead for the days to come before returning to the close-by Craft Beer Pub for drinks and dinner.


Team Lipstick insisted on being given Table 58 at Coopers Pub in Adelaide.
Day 16 – 11th October 2019 – Adelaide  Rest Day