Reaching Watson lake on the Canadian Highway the boys turned right into the Casslar Highway or Highway 37 leaving the Yukon province into British Columbia.


The Cassiar Highway from Kitimat to Terrace, is the northwestern most highway in the Canadian province of British Columbia.


A scenic route through some of the province’s most isolated areas, the highway first gained designation as British Columbia Highway 37 in 1975.


At that time, its southern terminus was at the community of New Hazelton. Highway 37 was then extended south to Kitimat in 1986, using a stretch of road that was
previously designated Highway 25


Highway 37

This road wads much narrower than the Alaskan Highway but at times it felt that Lipstick is the only vehicle on the road. The boys goal was to reach Stewart which is close to the famous Salmon Glaciier today and they kept Lipsticks rev counter mostly above 3100revs in order to get there before Sunset.


Of course, by now they knew that most of the police cars along this route are actually fake news

Ha-ha this could not fool Team Lipstick


FAKE NEWS for the boys

The road was very scenic going along the many lakes and rivers in the province of British Columbia.


Arriving at Stewart

Late afternoon they did arrive at Stewart and achieved the goal of the day.


Entrance to Hyder

This photo shows entrance to Hyder, a tiny town of about 100 people in southeastern Alaska USA. Residents there rely on a small road linking their town to Stewart, Canada for emergency medical services and mainland road access.


In summer Stewart’s wilderness is alive with activity as Alaskan brown grizzlies and black bears peruse local rivers and streams for salmon in order to survive the harsh winters – it also is in close proximity to the Salmon Glacier which team Lipstick needs to explore the next Day.

Day 12 – 30th August – Whitehorse to Stewart