The unfortunate thing about Anchorage is that there is only one road connecting Whitehorse in Canada to it. So, team Lipstick had to do the same road back again as they drove2 Days ago down to Anchorage.


Originally, they planned to stay over in Tok but then decided rather to go right through to Whitehorse where they arrived shortly before 8pm.


Lipstick made it to Whitehorse with the last drop of fuel left in its tank which takes 150l of



Filling Up

Precision driving by Team Lipstick = finding a petrol station with only 0.6l left in the tank!!


Soon the border between Alaska (USA) and Canada was reached again and as previously mentioned only the country which you enter checks your credentials and not the country you are leaving so the boys had to report to the Canadian border officials only.


Again, this was smooth they only check the passports – no papers to be shown for the motor car and no questions about insurance of car registration papers – this is a far cry from the experience the boys had on their trips through Africa or along the Silkroad where some border crossings could take up to 3 hours.


Easy border crossing between Alaska and Canada

Sit in the car and wait -5 minutes later you are cleared and can enter Canada!


After the border crossing the drive went along the Kulane Lake


Kulane Lake is located in the southwest area of the Yukon. It is the largest lake contained entirely within Yukon at approximately 408 km2 (and 81 km long.


Until 2016,Kulane Lake was fed by the Slims River, which was composed of meltwater from the Kaskawulsh Glacier, located within Kulane National Park. It drains into the Kluane River, whose waters flow into the Donjek RiverWhite RiverYukon River, and eventually the Bering Sea. The lake has a high density of large-bodied lake trout and and is known for its fishing.


Kluane Lake is located approximately 60 km northwest of Haines Junction. The lake has a mean depth of 31 m and a maximum depth of 91 m.


The Alaska Highway follows most of Kluane Lake’s southern border, and the drive offers many spectacular views of the lake.


The road is well maintained and should normally be driven at a maximum speed of 110km/h which of course is extremely slow for the boys so at stages this limit was by far exceeded.


Lipstick making its way along the Alaskan Highway as seen by the Garmin Navigator


Day 11 – 28th August – Anchorage to Whitehorse